I should have been an architect

“Ohhhh tea cakes,” I say. “I would love to make tea cakes.”

The voiceover on The Great British Bake Off continues: the chocolate must be heated to exactly 40 degrees, meanwhile the meringues must be whisked over a bain marie

“You have to move out if you want to make tea cakes,” MindReader says. As we had to throw out our roasting tin after I obliterated some pork ribs the other week, I concede this point.

Coming up, the voiceover says, the showstopper challenge, and the contestants are faced with making a gingerbread mansion. The camera pans over a row of gingerbread Colosseum and Buckingham Palaces.

I sit up straight and imagine the scene: snow falling gently outside. Christmas Eve. Fairy lights lining the window. A pot of tea on the go. MindReader coming home just as I am putting the finishing touches on a gingerbread house that everybody would eat on Christmas afternoon as we play Pictionary.

“That’s it!” I say, thinking of last year’s Christmas cake rock-hard disaster. That wasn’t my true calling. This is!


“I’m going to make a gingerbread house at Christmas!” I say, all in one breath.

MindReader puts his arm around me, pulling me towards him. “You will definitely have to move out if you try to make a gingerbread house,” MindReader says, “so you’d best make it a big one.”

5 thoughts on “I should have been an architect

  1. they have gingerbread house kits where you get to stick them together with icing and decorate with sweeties – have a lookout as I am sure you’d get one in the UK, otherwise I’ll send you one! Perhaps not as satisfying as making from scratch but still fun. (I think I have pics on my FB if you have a look)

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