“Or so it seems but the road it keeps turning / And I’m right back here again”

I have a new theory that I try not to do things if the only reason holding me back is fear. So, on Sunday night I pulled out my pointe shoes again. I didn’t put on the full whack; the tights and leotards and leg warmers, but I was already wearing leggings so I put them on.

I no longer have reams of ballet music on my iPhone so David Gray and Einaudi were the soundtrack to my (very small) return to the ballet world on my landing in my leggings and vest top.

I did pliés on both sides, and a half-hearted devélopée exercise. The whole thing took six minutes and then I went straight into the bath.

I am fine. And so, if I could build up to four exercises, five – a real, live ballet class would be on the horizon: another piece put into the jigsaw that is returning to myself.



3 thoughts on ““Or so it seems but the road it keeps turning / And I’m right back here again”

  1. Well done! I was a full time dance teacher before i got ill just over 2years ago. Every so often i do a little plie or grand battement or just whatever the mood takes me…..never knowing whether it’s a good idea or not! Just getting well enough to start my own vintage crockery hire company but taking it easy and pacing like mad. Once a dancer always a dancer though and hope that you build up to your 5 exercises..no grand allegro though me thinks!!! Enjoy enjoy. Xx

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