Dear Subscribed Readers,

Thanks for bearing with me while I have issues with my archives. I am sorry if you received hundreds of emails today.

There are about fifty more archived entries to upload, but I’ll do those next week.

8 thoughts on “Dear Subscribed Readers,

      • When you subscribe, you have the option of getting a single email EVERY time there’s a new post, or one BIG email, once a day, listing all the postings from that day. Or week…there’s a weekly digest available, too.

        So, before, I was getting 3,000 emails from your blog per day, now I just get 1 with a lot of entries listed. That is ‘digest mode’.

      • Ah, I thought it might be something like that. Almost all the archives that I’m going to put up are up, so. Also, psh, it wasn’t 3,000!!

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