Thank you MindReader

I know you shouldn’t ascribe illnesses personalities. I know God isn’t victimising me (well, any more than he victimises anyone else), and I know I didn’t do something in a former life.

But you know what?

I feel like I am being toyed with, a cat with a mouse.

I felt bad for a week, got better, went back to work, and feel worse again. But not worse in a flu-like sense. It is a bit like trying to walk in a swimming pool.

But, as I was talking to MindReader this evening whilst once again spooned in his arms, babbling about trends and relapses and how I’d never be able to have a career, he said one thing:

“But the last relapse was smaller than the original illness. So your next relapse will be smaller still.”

And there we are. A trend within a trend. Even though, right now, I can’t stagger to the dishwasher again, I am still getting better.

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