Time for new glasses? Oh and boom: news

I walk along the corridor in the library (am I ever anywhere else?) and catch sight of another person on the other side who I try to dodge. I am not really in the mood to encounter the library weirdos.

I am feeling very smug, because Company magazine are doing a feature thing on THIS VERY BLOG and I have to go to London to have an interview and photographs taken of me and such, which, when I think of what I am about to write, does make me cringe slightly.

I shift my armful of books and get huffy at the other person in the corridor who is walking too closely to me

Briefly I contemplate what books I will get out, and how much my pesky fines will be. I check my phone and send MindReader a text telling him I am almost done.

I turn left into the fiction section and the Stranger and I do that weird English thing where you both try to go the same way and you laugh at each other and make embarrassed faces.

It is at about this moment that I realise the walls of the corridor are mirrored, and I am trying to walk past myself.

3 thoughts on “Time for new glasses? Oh and boom: news

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