A sleepover with much loved old housemates

“One of my biggest hang ups – and one MindReader really doesn’t get,” I say, “is when people watch me.”

“Watch you?” Anna says, the face mask cracking across her nose.

“Like – when you’re meeting people in a pub and they can see you and you can’t see them,” I say.

“Ooh yes,” Laura says, “I hate that.”

“Or,” I say, “when you are meeting someone and you’re walking towards each other at like 100 metres apart, I don’t know where to look…”

“I know!” Anna says. “You smile at them once – then where do you look?”

“I usually play with my phone,” I say.

“And then walk past them?” Laura says and I smile.

“There’s this room at work,” Anna says, as Memoirs of a Geisha plays on in the background, “that I know people can see me crossing. It’s like, circular -”

“Ah,” I say. “Is it symmetrical?” And it is at this precise point that I realise I have no idea what I’m asking.

“Is it symmetrical?” Anna says.

“Um,” I say.

“Well – it’s a circle?!”

“I don’t really know what I meant by that,” I say, blushing. “Ignore me!”

“You don’t socialise much, do you?”

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