The plumber came and fixed the toilet, but, apparently totally unrelated, it is now blocked

Bromo arrived yesterday. He spent rather a lot of time trying to merge into the carpet and then tried to become one with the sofa, which involved rather a lot of trampling of my sister’s wedding invitations. Quite disastrous because he’s quite a big dog.

The cat, meanwhile, was shut in my room, which he trashed. After howling (it would appear he is no longer mute) and scratching at the door for an hour, he was taken to the kitchen where he is now sitting keeping an eye on the fridge (where the turkey lives) and depositing his fur.

They did meet at one point: my cat sat on the backdoor mat and Bromo was in his cage (yes…). They spent a good hour eyeing each other up. My cat blatantly wanted to go and pee somewhere, but he settled for drinking out of Bromo’s water bowl and eating HIS dog food. That’s territorial for you.

Bromo spent most of last night’s trivial pursuits game next to my uncle Peter. He was mostly under his knees. You can observe the bag he sat on earlier, in the corner:

Those are not Peter’s real feet. Anyway. Bromo has gradually got a bit friendlier:

But that might just be the tranquilisers working.

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