He’s also coming to collect us

I’m currently in Spain. I wrote this post before I left.

“What time do you need to be at the airport?” Mum says to me on the phone.

“About four in the afternoon, I think…”

“And what’s the plan with Benny?”

I ponder this. Benny is going to stay at Mum’s for a week, as he requiresfar more hugs than a cattery can provide. There is some connection between Mum taking us to the airport, Mum collecting Benny and us dropping Benny at Mum’s.

“I could drop him Saturday,” I say.

“Well we’re coming to you on Sunday to take you to the airport! We’ll just get him then.”

“Okay. So if you drop us at the airport – it’s only ten minutes away – and then go back and get Benny…”

My Mum, a logic machine, spots the flaw. “Then you’d have to leave me your keys and I’d have to put your alarm on…”

We reach the conclusion at the same time: Benny is coming to the airport with us.

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