Baths and CFS?

“So I’m almost over it,” I say to MindReader as he brushes his teeth. I step into my fragrant bubble bath. “It’s just that it was the perfect test – easy routes, no reverse parking…”

“I know,” he says through toothpaste. “It was much worse when I only just failed one of my tests than when I totally messed it up.”

“So close,” I say, squatting down in the bath.

“Billygean!” MindReader says. “What are you doing? You’ve still got your pants on!”

I look down. Indeed I do have stripey red and white knickers on. IN THE BATH.

“Oh!” I say, standing up and removing the now-soaking wet pants.

“How often does this happen?” he says with a smile as he leaves the bathroom.

I fling the pants into the sink and squat back down into the bath. I muse on the blog post I will inevitably write. Many people with CFS might refer to what happened in the bath as brainfog, but I know myself a little bit better than that. I have been writing about embarrassing incidents for five years. I read some people’s blogs who have CFS, but not many. I figure most (healthy) people want to read about people, not an illness. Indeed it is only over the past few months that I have worked to grow a Facebook fanbase of other CFS sufferers and not just relied on the few hundred regular, healthy readers I’ve had for years.

CFS became a big part of my blog in 2008, but it is not what my blog is about. I was doing stupid things long before I got sick. And I will do them for a long time after.

4 thoughts on “Baths and CFS?

  1. You’re so funny BG!! And thank you for the reminder that I can write about whatever I want. I wrote something on XMRV last week and it’s been the most popular post I’ve written so far. This has made me worry about publishing some less serious stuff. But after reading this I’ve just posted ‘Sweaty men are good for the ego!’. Which is pure fun and nothing to do with ME. If no one reads it, I’ll blame you!! ;-)

  2. Oh I didn’t mean to influence what you write, you have to decide that as a writer! I think you probably got a huge response to the XMRV post because most of your blog readers have ME and are very ‘into’ the whole XMRV business though!


    • I also meant to say, not writing about illness doesn’t mean you have to be lighthearted! There are plenty of serious posts to be had that have nothing to do with cfs :)


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