Oh, hi!

I know, I know I said I’d write about new year but I’ve actually been busy!

Here’s what with:

MindReader and I have found a flat and are moving out! It’s a stone’s throw from my college should body break again, and it’s BEAUTIFUL although unfurnished which justified the following trip to Ikea:

Including Colin the Crocodile draft insulator, a treat when I got VERY TIRED OF THE WHOLE FURNITURE THING about halfway round.

And now announcing – the flat!


Living room


We’re moving end of January but I promise I will update some more very soon!

3 thoughts on “News!!!!

  1. I love it! Very chic. Very you-guys, too. I don’t know what your old place looks like, but this looks very poshy. Nice score…I’ll bet it’s fun to plan it out together!

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